Contributing source code, documentation or issues are not everything. There are several other ways to contribute to an open source project and this ways are important as well! In this area we will describe some ways in the next sections.

Talk about Gerrie

As every other product / service word-of-mouth advertising is important. Feel free to talk about Gerrie if you are using it, you are happy because it solves your needs and you want to contribute. You can talk about it in thousand ways:

  • Presentation at conferences
  • Presentation at usergroups
  • Write a blog post
  • Write a post on a mailing list
  • Mention it in academic researches / papers
  • Chat with a friend or colleague during a beer
  • you will find a way

If you talk about Gerrie in a public way we would love to hear about this activity. Would you be so nice to drop us a mail or a ticket / issue ? Thank you!


If you think “Hey, Gerrie is a cool and useful project. It helps me, my team or my company a lot” it would be nice if you think about to contribute back with a small sponsorship. If we are talking about a sponsorship there are several different ways as well:

  • Financial: You can sponsor money back to us e.g. to take a bill of a pizza, a beer or for a new feature.
  • Developer: If you got a team of developer (e.g. you are an agency / company owner) we would love to see new contributer who will fix a bug or add a new feature.
  • Designer: This is quite the same as for Developer, but for designer. Especially now, because we are looking for a logo


We love to get in contact with our users. To receive feedback (positive or negative) is important to learn how users will use this tool and how we can improve it further.

Do not hesitate to get in contact with us. You can ask as everything. Maybe you don`t know where / how to start with? Or just want to share your opinion about Gerrie?

Start now to contact us by a ticket / issue or by email to the contributers. Thanks in advance.