Supported databases

Currently Gerrie supports only MySQL.


You want to support another database like PostgreSQL or a NoSQL database? Feel free to contribute. This is _very_ welcome!

Setup the schema

To setup the schema the database itselfs has to be exists. Please create this database before using Gerrie. A command can look like


Based upon this you can create the database schema. The gerrie:setup-database command will help you to setup the database schema.


To query the database and answer questions based on this data it is important that you will understand how the data is structured. MySQL is a typical RDBMS. So we use a typical table / column schema to reflect the complex data structure of Gerrit. Below you will find a visualisation of the database scheme as entity relationship model.


This entity relationship model was created with MySQLWorkbench. If you want to get a deeper look at this schema to investigate it, you can install MySQLWorkbench and load the source file eer-diagram.mwb.