Gerrie is a data and information crawler for Gerrit, a code review system developed by Google.

Gerrie uses the SSH and REST-APIs offered by Gerrit to transform the data from Gerrit into a RDBMS. Currently only MySQL is supported. After the transformation the data can be used to start simple queries or complex analysis. One usecase is to analyze communites which use Gerrit like TYPO3, Wikimedia, Android, Qt, Eclipse and many more.


  • Full imports
  • Incremental imports
  • Full support of SSH API
  • Command line interface
  • MySQL as storage backend
  • Debugging functionality
  • Logging functionality
  • Full documented

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If you want to get start really quick please have a look at the getting started guide.

When you want to run this in a more proven environment please have a look at the installation and configuration chapter.

The commands section will explain the functionality of all commands implemented in Gerrie.

As a business analyst / data science engineer / math or numbers lover you can retrieve data and get an understanding of the database structure in the database chapter.

You want to contribute? Great! Get more information in the contribution chapter.